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Pistolet applicateur de mousse Toutch N Foam premium amélioré (4004528775) (6)

SKU 7565028775

Gun Foam Applicators

Specifically designed to work with the entire line of Touch 'n Foam Professional Gun Foams, our precision and long barrel applicators make sealing, insulating, and adhesive applications easier than ever.

Precision Gun Foam Applicator

The Precision Gun Foam Applicator allows for a more precise control of bead size than straw-dispensed foam. Applicators provide a small extended reach that improves maneuverability in tight areas and are easily cleaned for reuse. The Precision Gun Foam Applicator’s size and design allow for you to quickly address insulating gaps and cracks as well as adhering surfaces.

Features & Benefits
  • Allow for more precise control
  • Adjustable flow output knob
  • Comfortable handle