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Rust-Oleum - Overall Economical Fast Drying Enamel Aerosols 830 10-Oz Gloss White Overall Industrial: 647-V2403830-830 10-oz gloss white overall industrial [Set of 6]

SKU V2403830

About Overall Fast Drying Enamel Aerosols

Rust-Oleum Fast Drying Enamel Aerosols are great for a variety of spray painting needs for short term quality is needed. Paint is good for indoor and outdoor use for marking, stenciling, and touch up paint jobs.

  • Spray paint for general, everyday applications on metal, masonry, wood and more.
  • Professional color quality.
  • Fast Dry.
  • Hermetically sealed black Bakelite case permanently protects the capacitor from oil, dirt, grease or moisture