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Sachet absorbant d'odeur de moisi et protege de l'humidité Moisture Grabber Concrobium 1000 pi cube 1 PQT

SKU 7501353

Moisture Grabbers XL

Concrobium Moisture Grabbers™ XL are the next generation of humidity reduction technology for large, indoor areas. The unique water-absorbing pouches absorb and eliminate excess moisture in areas that are prone to excess humidity. The easy-to-use pouch traps moisture on the inside but stays completely dry on the outside.

Recommended For

Damp, musty areas such as basements and crawlspaces, and for areas that can trap humidity such as attics and garages. Concrobium Moisture Grabbers XL can even be used after flood damage for longer term moisture management. And the easy-to-place design makes them perfect for moisture control in recreational vehicles such as boats and RVs.

How it works

As they absorb moisture, Concrobium Moisture Grabbers XL pouches will expand and will take on a gel-like consistency. When the pouch feels heavy and saturated with water, discard in the trash and replace.

One Concrobium Moisture Grabber XL pouch treats areas up to 1,000 cubic feet and is effective for up to 6 months depending on size of area, temperature and humidity conditions.

How to use

  • Remove pouch from clear plastic bag.
  • Gently shake pouch to mix contents.
  • Place on flat surface in desired location.