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Which tools should you use to apply your epoxy?

Which tools should you use to apply your epoxy?

Surface preparation (sanding, filling the cracks, cleaning and taping) is crucial when doing an epoxy job, and so are the tools you will want to use! Make sure you have everything you need before you start the job. 

A stainless steel mixer and clean buckets are needed to mix the epoxy preparation. 

It is recommended to use different tools for different projects.

For metallic epoxy applications, the Tool Kit for Metallic Epoxy has everything you need. If you already have some of the tools, and are looking to complete your tool kit, we recommend a few essentials such as a 24'' squegee and blade.

For standard colors, the Tool Kit + for Regular Epoxy has everything you need.  

You can used a notched blade when applying metallic epoxy and a straight blade for regular colors. 

Lint free rollers are recommended for standard colors, not for metallic colors. You will want to use a brush to cut the edges, a squegee to spread the epoxy quickly, and finally a roller to finish off. 

You should also consider a pair of spiked shoes. They will allow you to walk on areas already covered, and make your life a lot easier! 

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