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Metallic and Pearlescent Epoxy Floor Tips

Metallic and Pearlescent Epoxy Floor Tips

Here are a few tips if your are thinking about choosing a metallic or pearlescent color for you project!

Remember that metallic and pearlescent colors cover less than standard colors.

Please refer to the chart below:


Standard colors (second coat)

Maximum 250 sq. ft. (8-mil thick)

Clear epoxy on smooth surface

About 250 sq. ft. 8-mil thick)

Clear epoxy on textured surface (flakes)

About 100 sq. ft. (20-mil thick)

Safety colors

Maximum 125 sq. ft. (16-mil thick)

Metallic/Pearlescent colors

Maximum 60 sq. ft. (32-mil thick)

IMPORTANT! These quantities are approximate and are for reference only. The required amount may vary depending on the texture of the surface and the thickness of the coats applied.When doing 2 coats, you need to calculate your square footage X 2. 


TIP: What you can do to use less product, and also, to avoid air bubbles, is to apply a first coat (or 2) of beige, grey, white or black (standard color-depending on the final look you want) and then apply your pearlescent or metallic chosen color.

Before you start your application:

  1. Test the humidity level of your concrete slab. You can do this by applying a polythene for 24 hours, and then checking for any traces of humidity.
  2. You also need to make sure that the slab is neutral. Should it be basic, you would need to wash it with an acid preparation.
  3. Then, scarification and cleaning is also crucial.

 *Make sure to always refer to the complete user manual.

**We also recommend to have a professional do the installation when you want to cover larger areas. 

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