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How much product to order and tricks on epoxy application

How much product to order and tricks on epoxy application

 Depending on the type of finish you want, the quantity of product you order will be different.

For a full flake: 1 coat of standard color, full flake (10 lbs/ 100 sq.ft), 1-2 coats of clear. 

For a standard color: 2 coats of standard color. 

For a metallic: 1 coat of standard color, 1 coat of metallic. 

Here are some tricks and common mistakes to avoid: 

-Surface preparation is crucial.

-Avoid all contaminants.

-Make sure your product is well mixed but avoid air bubbles Mix well for 4 minutes at a low speed (300 to 450 RPM) using a drill fitted with a mixer. Do not mix at a high speed to prevent air entrapment bubbles. Scrape the sides and bottom of the bucket frequently with a stir stick to get a homogeneous mixture.

-The pot life is the time you have to pour your product on the floor. Be careful, never put your bucket upside down in one corner (the sides of the bucket are what is often less well mixed, and this could cause your floor to not dry. 

-Open time on substrate is the time you have to ''play'' with your product once it is on the floor. Be careful as this time varies depending on factors such as temperature. The longer you wait, the product will become thicker and loose some of its self-leveling power. 

*Make sure to watch the You Tube videos, and always refer to the complete user guide. 


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